I’m a Slytherin and I sleep from five am to noon. Then I go about my day exhausted and feeling like death. Once the sun goes down I am rejuvenated and I could stay up for an eternity ? Drives my friends and family insane.

This is literally my schedule right now

Looks like you might make a killing if you were to do some kinda of incorrect Harry Potter/Hogwarts houses quote blog.

I know?!?! I was so confused why people were telling me these things but now I’m kinda just resigned to it

Since we are still discussing irregular sleeping schedules, I’ll join in too. I’m by choice a night owl hufflepuff who can easily get a good 6 hours sleep if I tried, clearly I don’t. I usually get 3/4 hours and I like taking afternoon naps (by that I mean taking a nap at 5pm, weird ik). So if anybody disturbes me while taking this lovely naps, I get very bitchy. Like, let me stick to what I’m good at, eh? Relateable to anyone?

Dude. My mum has a bruise because i kicked her when she tried to wake me up two days ago.

I’m a Gryffindor and I get like either 8 hours of sleep or like 4 there is no in between. I honestly can sit in my room for hours a night and not sleep… It’s bad


Hello I saw in the tags u would like my life? We can swap. You can have my Chessie and German Shepherd. I work Monday to Friday at a kennel full time, then do dog walking, training, and photography all on the side as well as volunteer at the animal shelter and do volunteer photography for dog rescues and volunteer at Canadian Blood services and then attend my dog club with my dogs 3-4 nights a week. Please take my life I’m so tiRED


Hey I’m hufflepuff and work a million small jobs and volunteer and have two dogs and I’m in dog clubs and shit so I usually sleep 2-4 hours a night or if by some fucking blessing I have a day out I go out and get super drunk with friends at a party then go home and pass out for like 18 hours. There’s no inbetween. Only no sleep or coma.

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