hello !! i was scrolling through your account when i just saw your tags. I just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing person and you’re loved. I may have not been following for long, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here !! I believe in you ??

I love you x.

Take care of yourself. I hope that you’ll find to strength. I don’t know what to add but, I really support you with all my heart

I love you x

Just dropping by your asks to ask how are you, taking care of yourself or nah, having enough chocolate or not (cuz chocolate always makes one feel better). *gives a virtual hug* Keep holding onto that ‘someday’ ❤ …Also saw your tags, so hello their fellow Indian! ?

Thank you so much x 🙂

What part of India are you from?

Hey I know this happened some days ago but I saw what happened to you and I wanted to say that I’m really sorry and if you wanna talk to someone I’m here! Take care! (sorry for my shity English)

I love you x. Your English is fine, love 🙂

Hi, I saw your tags (like everyone else has lol) if you ever need to talk you can always message me even if we have never even talked before. I know how freaked out I would be if my mom found out I’m not straight. I am sending all of my love❤❤

I love you x

Ok I will try again since the last time I messed up sorry for the spam. Anyways I want to understand your situation a bit better so if it’s ok with you, what’s your ethnicity? Bc it’s not every one that has the same experience when it comes out to there sexuality bc of there religious beliefs and ethnicity. So yah? Maybe I can help if I know better your situation but you don’t need to answer if your not comfortable with this.

I’m Indian. So, yeah I’m basically a criminal here.