Hi did you hear about TJ Miller and do you think he will be removed from Deadpool 2?

If anybody hasn’t heard, T.J Miller, the actor who plays Weasel in ‘Deadpool’ and the upcoming sequel, has been accused of raping and physically assaulting several women. ‘Deadpool 2′ has already finished production but they could still cut him out of the movie if they wish, and there’s time for reshoots if necessary. I’m not sure what will happen we’ll have to wait and see. 

Honestly, the production of ‘Deadpool 2′ has been a complete mess. One controversy after another. First, the director and composer, Tim Miller and Junkie XL, quit over disputes with Ryan Reynolds, then a stunt woman died on set after they forced her to perform a stunt without a helmet, and now this. Hope the actual movie turns out good.