Gonna stray off topic for a moment here and say something probably controversial.I have a real issue…

Gonna stray off topic for a moment here and say something probably controversial.

I have a real issue with young kids/teens who are saying they are LGBT+ for attention.

Don’t come yelling at me. Yes, I know there are so many countless people who are actually LGBT+ that know at that age or younger and are completely comfortable with that. Hell, I figured out I was bi as a little kid, non-binary I realized later on but that doesn’t change the fact that that is who I was all along.

My problem stems from the kids who are changing their sexuality every week just to be part of the ‘fad’. I know a girl, 12 years old, first she said she was gay, then pansexual (then had the nerve to say that she was better than me for being pan rather than bi, which is simply the way i choose to identify my sexuality, not a hard label on who i’m attracted to, but that’s a rant for another day), then she decided she was non binary, and then she said she was trans, then she said she was a girl again, then it came full circle before she went through the same motions again.

And. I. Get. It.

It’s an age to figure things out, and with so much influence in the media and social circles, with all the different labels and sexualities and genders, it will take some people time to figure things out. 

But posting about it every time you suddenly decide to switch, labelling it as coming out, making yourself look more confused, does not do the community as a whole any favours. 

Especially not when I have witnessed this person straight up says homophobic things the minute she’s back to being straight for the moment, and telling people she’s only LGBT to be cool and wear rainbows.

Kids who are actually LGBT+ and seriously questioning I love you, I support you, and I wish you all the best with your journey in self discovery, but for those of you who are doing it solely for attention please please please think about your actions and consequences, and what it is you’re doing. It’s not fair to create an image like that for everyone else in the community. 

And to parents who are aware of their children doing this, talk with your children about what the LGBT+ community is, and teach them how to respect it instead of using it as a way to get attention.